A stroll in the woods

If we move from here one of things I will miss is the access to the mountains.
It seems like Bradin and I hike when the weather is about like this, not too hot and a little on the cold side.

We did a lot of sliding on our hike, wish we would have brought these. But how were we to know that the trail would be covered with one big sheet of ice.

So... Bradin improvised with some some walking sticks, clever, clever.

I loved the moss that thrived on the trees.

I guess we will just have to take advantage of the mountains while we live so near.

Because the scenery here is quite breathtaking.


Anonymous said...

the pictures are good ,it is a strange beauty

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Michael Farnworth said...

I still remember with fondness when you and Brad discovered you both like the idea of being "the outdoorsy type" better than actually being "the outdoorsy type". Good to see you out and about... exploring the great outdoors.
p.s. I finally have your site bookmarked!!!

Lindsay said...

Your last picture is especially beautiful.

yes.have some said...

lucky. we're gonna move there now after seeing these photos.