Planes, Trains and....?

There is a long stretch of road near our home with train tracks next to them and Bradin and I used to run this route everyday. Occasionally, we would see these commercial planes that were in the raw. I was always so fascinated and wished I could take pictures of these huge bodies of planes, but never had my camera.
So as luck had it today, when running errands, I was driving on this road and there they were. I hurried back to the house and grabbed my camera and finally got some pics of these monstrosities. I mean these could easily be a plane you or I fly on someday. Everything about them is interesting to me: why are they that color, where are they going, and of all places what are they doing here?
Also, anyone have any guesses what those white things are? They were quite large, but I have no clue what they could be. Campers maybe?...that's the only thing I can think of.

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Michael Farnworth said...

are we running there this weekend Melinda?? should I bring my running clothes??