Soft Tree Sculptures

Ouch...my fingers still hurt from stuffing these little ones. I had originally made these for a new banner in my etsy shop (pics. w/kimi on them) But, just couldn't give up my original banner of spools yet. So I decided to sell them as a set in the store.
I am very happy with the way they turned out, I especially like the print and will probably use it again for a purse or anything else that strikes my fancy. The bottom of the tree sculptures remind me of an actual tree you would buy at a greenhouse all bundled up ready to plant. So I guess that's what they are, little trees waiting for someone to plant them in their home.
I must admit I feel a little sad letting them go.


Lindsay said...

I like those a lot. I definitely need to learn to stuff things. All my projects that require stuffing always end up a little too skinny.

Very nice work.

melinda said...

thanks lindsay.
my favorite tool for stuffing....a chopstick, and the key is use more fiberfill than you think is necessary.