"What's done is done"

This is my favorite dress so far.

I wore it to a play my brother-in-law was in.


We were visiting family this past week. And at my grandma's house one of our family traditions is mochi making. Yummy, gooey mochi.


Celebrating Valentine's Day with company this weekend: film festival today, fancy dinner tonight, cross-country skiing tomorrow (first time) - sounds like a good way to spend a weekend.

Last year I was much more motivated, maybe if the urge strikes we can have these for dessert.



These cute spray painted plates would make great gifts, or a nice addition to your wall.

from {here}

-sidenote- Just saw this movie and it's definitely worth a watch.


Pencil Skirt

Just finished this simple skirt made from Liberty of London fabric.  

You can find a similar pattern here.