Planes, Trains and....?

There is a long stretch of road near our home with train tracks next to them and Bradin and I used to run this route everyday. Occasionally, we would see these commercial planes that were in the raw. I was always so fascinated and wished I could take pictures of these huge bodies of planes, but never had my camera.
So as luck had it today, when running errands, I was driving on this road and there they were. I hurried back to the house and grabbed my camera and finally got some pics of these monstrosities. I mean these could easily be a plane you or I fly on someday. Everything about them is interesting to me: why are they that color, where are they going, and of all places what are they doing here?
Also, anyone have any guesses what those white things are? They were quite large, but I have no clue what they could be. Campers maybe?...that's the only thing I can think of.


It's only for an hour....

Tonight at 8:30pm turn your lights off for earth hour.


Soft Tree Sculptures

Ouch...my fingers still hurt from stuffing these little ones. I had originally made these for a new banner in my etsy shop (pics. w/kimi on them) But, just couldn't give up my original banner of spools yet. So I decided to sell them as a set in the store.
I am very happy with the way they turned out, I especially like the print and will probably use it again for a purse or anything else that strikes my fancy. The bottom of the tree sculptures remind me of an actual tree you would buy at a greenhouse all bundled up ready to plant. So I guess that's what they are, little trees waiting for someone to plant them in their home.
I must admit I feel a little sad letting them go.


Do I hear music playing in the background?

I had to share these wonderful designs miss Carly has done. These are for her current venture, a very cool project designing posters for (according to my ear) some of the finest musicians out there.
Amidst all of this she also does the artwork for her husband's band, the Slings (check them out, it's totally worth it).
I just adore her style and I'm sure she will have no problem selling 'em posters!


Antler Magazine

A fresh new online magazine dedicated to the beauty of life.
The imagery is stunning.


spring rain

It really is spring.
I love the afternoon rain showers that often happen in the first months of spring.

Beautiful images by Carl Kleiner.

via {frolic}


It's official....

The first day of spring is today. To accompany the day there is actual nice weather.

And sad news for me, my vacation is coming to an end, I start work again on Saturday. There has been a lot of drama with the whole process, but hopefully things are going to get better soon.

So....for everyone that has a 9-5 weekday job, happy weekend. As for me, my week will just be starting. For a weekend treat I will leave you with this. (this guy has mad skillz)


Organic Flower

I can't get enough of embroidering on my purses.
Added another little purse to the shop.

Luke Haynes

This guy knows the art of quilting.
His style reminds me of him.

Don't forget to wear green....or else.


A stroll in the woods

If we move from here one of things I will miss is the access to the mountains.
It seems like Bradin and I hike when the weather is about like this, not too hot and a little on the cold side.

We did a lot of sliding on our hike, wish we would have brought these. But how were we to know that the trail would be covered with one big sheet of ice.

So... Bradin improvised with some some walking sticks, clever, clever.

I loved the moss that thrived on the trees.

I guess we will just have to take advantage of the mountains while we live so near.

Because the scenery here is quite breathtaking.


Saffron Risotto & Vegetables in Curry Cream Sauce

Yet again,we can thank Cindi for a wonderful vegetarian cookbook.
This is my new favorite meal, flavorful, hearty, and curried. Oh, how I love curry.
You can find this particular recipe in The Spirited Vegetarian, a very worthy buy.

If you are interested in some tasty vegan meals this book will wet the palate.


Very exciting

My favorite place to shop for clothes

is introducing their very own home decor line.

H&M wins me over again.

Check here and here for more pics.


We return

What a great time we had. Probably one of the most relaxing, non-stressful vacations we've ever had. Besides our crazy morning (4:00 am wake-up time), there are no complaints.


Tomorrow, this will be me. Bradin and I leave for Vegas early Sunday morning. I would say it's not the most ideal place for me to go on vacation, but how can I beat a good deal. We are just thankful to get away from the gloom. I heard on the news that there is a chance of arctic weather here next week. Arctic? For some reason I thought it was March, but I guess it's too much to ask for here. With that said, I will be more than happy to go and spend some time in a warm environment.


At last

It's official, I am now on a two week vacation.
My plans today: go to yoga, get a massage, finish this dress, and just enjoy the day. Because I know it will be short lived and back to work I will go.


Wood Grain

Just added this little beauty to the store. Come and look ....you know you want to.


Miniature models?

Nope, just photos I've taken. See for yourself here.

thanks flowerpress