Saffron Risotto & Vegetables in Curry Cream Sauce

Yet again,we can thank Cindi for a wonderful vegetarian cookbook.
This is my new favorite meal, flavorful, hearty, and curried. Oh, how I love curry.
You can find this particular recipe in The Spirited Vegetarian, a very worthy buy.

If you are interested in some tasty vegan meals this book will wet the palate.


Cindi said...

Looks really good except maybe the peas. We'll have to try it sometime soon. Jeff has the veggie bug. I love you. Love, Cindi

Michael Farnworth said...

Do you know anywhere in Missoula that sells Massaman Curry? I love it very much. I look forward to trying out some of your most favorite dishes.

melinda said...

massaman? the only place here is sawadee.
i guess you will have to come and visit to truly find out.