Is that wedding bells I hear?

In honer of a very exciting engagement I wanted to feature some vintage wedding dresses. I tell you, looking through all the dresses makes me want to get married again. Bradin...renew our vows?1950's dress

Ivory eyelet couture dress, Georgette gown

1960's strapless dress, 1920's flapper wedding dress

Vintage inspired dress - I couldn't resist. Even though this is not actual vintage, it is so beautiful.

We are so excited for you Jeff and Lindsay, congrats!


Lindsay said...

Thanks, Melinda! I'll have to keep my eye out for some vintage wear.

yes.have some said...

yay! engagement! i loooove the last one! there are so many awesome dresses out there it's a shame the majority of women want lame looking dresses....

Jeffrey said...

Thanks Melinda! You're pretty much the greatest!