Merry Christmas to me! One of my dad's hobbies is restoring old bicycles, so this is his latest venture. A 1964 Impala, all original parts except the seat (and basket of course). He even made it into a 3-speed so I can keep up with my husband.  Even more reason to want warm weather.


Soon we will be able to enjoy the company of our families.

Happy Holidays!

And welcome to the world baby Olive!


Baby Olive

This is the first baby outfit I have made and I am especially in love with the baby bloomers.

Found this pattern in Little Stitches.



Really, could these sewing patterns be any cuter? She has many other darling styles to choose from too.

I just got a brand new serger (early x-mas present from my sweetest grandma) and this would be the prefect project to try it out on. 

via here


Well, hello

As you may (or may not) have noticed I haven't been into blogging lately. I'm hoping I can start it back up again, I do want to share some things I have been up to.

We've been traveling a bit these last few weeks and luckily got to experience this beautiful sunrise. 


                                                                                                                                        via here
Shane Waltener's dollies stretched in a web-like manner. Beautifully spooky.

Happy Halloween.


Where did fall go?

I really can't believe the weather here lately. It has just skipped fall (my favorite season) and gone straight to winter. It has made me rethink moving to warmer climates.

So because of this weather Bradin and I have been trying to think of things to do inside. We had quite the busy weekend between carving pumpkins (I know a little early) and making caramel apples (thanks for the idea, Jeff). I haven't carved a pumpkin or made caramel apples since who knows when. Needless to say we had a good time with it all. And another bonus was the wonderful pumpkin seeds we roasted and can't stop eating.

I really hope things start to warm up, the trees are in shock and the leaves have just dropped, leaving me with a colorless fall.


Hatch that zombie if you can

With much prodding from my husband, I have made this zombie purse for Halloween. I can't take credit for the print this time, it is Bradin's creation, I am just the purse maker this time around. So I guess this is our first collaborative effort. The cross-hatched vintage fabric its printed on is one of my favorites. Any time I see fabric that resembles it I have to add it to my collection.

Plus, it is about time I add something to the etsy store, stock is getting a little low.


Japanese craft book inspiration

I am a collector of these books.
Which prompted me to make this little purse.


80 years young

We had a wonderful time visiting family this weekend. Grandma was beautiful, and she looks and acts like she just turned 60.  So glad our family could get together to celebrate her birthday.

And while we were there my dad took me to some garage sales and I found the two beauties below. Unbelievably, the 8mm video camera still has film in it. I can't wait to use it. Love old videos that look like this.


It's a ukulele miracle

For Christmas I got Bradin a ukulele kit, partially because normal ones are sort of expensive and I thought it would be a fun project to do. Well, knowing my husband I should have figured it would take awhile, so now, let's see, almost 10 months later, here it finally is. But in his defense it was rather complicated, the instructions were in broken English and all the parts did take awhile to dry, 10 months....not so sure.

So it's pretty exciting because now he can teach me this song, we just need a backup sax player....any takers? And I also like this song, I just think her voice is cute and I do love a good beard.


Printed Birthday Burlap Banner Tutorial

We are throwing a surprise 80th birthday party for my grandma. I made a birthday banner that I printed on burlap, and wanted to share how to make one yourself.
Supplies for banner: Burlap, contrasting thread, rotary cutter, pretty twine or ribbon to string banner on, and triangular pattern for banner. I just used a piece of cardboard so I could have a stable pattern that I wouldn't cut into with the rotary.
Supplies for printing on banner: Textile ink (craft store), stencil brush, alphabet stencils. I happened to get my stencils on clearance at Joann (89 c.). But you can always find some at your local craft store.
I cut out all of the triangles then edge-stitched with contrasting thread.
Now for the printing. I have a small piece of Plexiglas that I like to put my ink on, but any flat slick surface will work. Hold stencil tight so it won't slip, then dab the ink with stencil brush, not too thick so there won't be any bleeding.
Once you have the desired saturation of print gently lift stencil and, voila, you are on your way to a printed banner. After ink is completely dry, heat set with iron. Be sure to follow directions on back of ink bottle for setting the ink.
I used this twine to string my banner on. I folded top of banner and pressed, then sewed the twine in between burlap.
My finished banner says "that's right it's yer birthday!" Now go out there and make someone you know a special banner.


Is that wedding bells I hear?

In honer of a very exciting engagement I wanted to feature some vintage wedding dresses. I tell you, looking through all the dresses makes me want to get married again. Bradin...renew our vows?1950's dress

Ivory eyelet couture dress, Georgette gown

1960's strapless dress, 1920's flapper wedding dress

Vintage inspired dress - I couldn't resist. Even though this is not actual vintage, it is so beautiful.

We are so excited for you Jeff and Lindsay, congrats!



We enjoyed this lovely dish, via my favorite food blog. If you haven't checked it out yet, I would head on over. She uses seasonal fruits and veggies with unique ingredients.



I know everyone is familiar with Sigg water bottles, supposedly our savior of bpa free products. But a recent confession has reveled that any water bottle pre 2008 is leaching bpa. Very disappointing news, and of course all of ours are pre 2008.....figures.


The way you looked tonight

I'm going to start a section for great vintage outfits. I mean who doesn't like a good find?
Blue dress, white shoes.

Tweed dress, floral necklace, turquoise shoes.

Sheer shirt, red skirt, slingback.