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Shane Waltener's dollies stretched in a web-like manner. Beautifully spooky.

Happy Halloween.


Where did fall go?

I really can't believe the weather here lately. It has just skipped fall (my favorite season) and gone straight to winter. It has made me rethink moving to warmer climates.

So because of this weather Bradin and I have been trying to think of things to do inside. We had quite the busy weekend between carving pumpkins (I know a little early) and making caramel apples (thanks for the idea, Jeff). I haven't carved a pumpkin or made caramel apples since who knows when. Needless to say we had a good time with it all. And another bonus was the wonderful pumpkin seeds we roasted and can't stop eating.

I really hope things start to warm up, the trees are in shock and the leaves have just dropped, leaving me with a colorless fall.


Hatch that zombie if you can

With much prodding from my husband, I have made this zombie purse for Halloween. I can't take credit for the print this time, it is Bradin's creation, I am just the purse maker this time around. So I guess this is our first collaborative effort. The cross-hatched vintage fabric its printed on is one of my favorites. Any time I see fabric that resembles it I have to add it to my collection.

Plus, it is about time I add something to the etsy store, stock is getting a little low.


Japanese craft book inspiration

I am a collector of these books.
Which prompted me to make this little purse.