Veggie Quesadillas

A recent effort of mine has been to cut meat from my diet (six months now). I really wanted to see if eliminating it would make me feel better, and I must admit it's been a great experience, I had always thought that the meals wouldn't be as tasty without the meat and au contraire...they are great if not better. So I am sharing one of our favorite meals that we can thank April for.

Veggie Quesadillas
1-medium onion
1-bag of burrito size tortillas
1-bag grated cheese of your choice
3-garlic cloves
7-sprigs of cilantro
1-can black beans (or any beans you like) -see note*
-optional- sour cream/guacamole

In food processor put onion, garlic, sprigs of cilantro and chop until a thick paste. Set aside. Slice yams into thin slices and place in oven at 400 and cook until tender about 10-15 min.

*note- I like my black beans like this:
In pot heat drained black beans and

1- cup vegetable stock
1- small tomato

2- cloves garlic
1/2- onion

1/4- tsp. cayenne pepper
1- tsp. salt

1/4- tsp. pepper
Cook on medium heat for about 10 min (or until desired texture). After beans have cooked, mash them with a fork.

After yams are cooked spread cilantro paste on tortillas, then mashed black beans, yams and cheese. Heat in pan until cheese is melted. Serve with spanish rice (let me know if you want a good recipe) and enjoy.
This makes about 2-4 quesadillas


I need a vacation! After two and a half years of working for the same people, they have decided to let us all go for a restructuring of their business (whatever that means). And trust me when I say this restructure has nothing to do with the economy, just bad timing in my life.


An Eye For Annai

Jon Klassen + Dan Rodrigues animated film.
Thanks Carly!


There is hope

That's right....Polaroid was bought by Florian Kaps, an Austrian artist in Amsterdam. He is the guy that runs polanoid.net. I guess the plan is to start a factory that will soon be producing the film....which means no more $27.00 dollars for a two pack. So if all goes as planned there will be an abundance of polaroids again.

You can read all about it here.


Just a few more days...

from here
Get your Obama stamp from here.


I Like Your Scarf

How great is this print? Just came in the mail and it's beautiful. It is printed on a poly cotton canvas which makes the print look more like a painting. Ashely G has many more great prints you can check out here.


This photobooth series is worth a look.


Let's call it an update!

I have finally added a few more things to my etsy store, you can check them out here. I'm really excited about the cassette tape print. It is printed on sturdy, reversible napkins that can be used as placemats as well. They are machine washable, the print is heat set to ensure longevity. Make sure to check back, I have more goodies that will be added soon. Hope you all enjoy!


Favorite Mugs

When I was studying at the university here in Missoula I had the pleasure of taking a workshop from ceramic artist Ayumi Horie. I instantly fell in love with her style and have been supporting her since. She has quite a following, so if you are interested in her stuff my suggestion would be to sign up for her mailing list. Be quick if you want to buy anything, she sells out fast. 
My hope is to litter my cabinet with her things someday.....thus far I have only two mugs. 



I just discovered the loom. My mom introduced me and now I can't stop making stuff.....and by stuff  I mean hats. If you like to knit you will love this. It is so easy and I think it looks very professional. I embellished mine with a little something extra and, voila, in only a few hours I have a new hat.

(Happy Birthday Cindi!)


Alyson Fox

I am enamored with her prints. She also has a clothing collection you can check out here. I was entertained by the unique way she demonstrated her clothing line. So make sure you let it fully download, then click on collection to see her snippets.


the new Toms Shoes

I have been crazy for Toms Shoes since they started. It's exciting that they are extending their shoes to a higher part of the ankle!
So how about this trendy little boot? Is it a boot or a shoe? Apparently the boot expands from the ankle so you can custom wrap it the way you like. They come in five different colors: rust, red, black, chocolate, and olive.
Toms Shoes is also for a good cause every pair of shoes you buy they donate a pair to a child in need. Cute shoe and a good cause.



I'm sure we all remember the old view masters from our childhood. Well, Portland based artist Vladimir handmakes her own view master reels. Each set contains original music to accompany the reels. I like Fear & Trembling, an interesting take on a dinner party, but I find them all intriguing.
Happy New Year! Maybe you can start it out with a Vladmaster