As you can see the weather has been a bit iffy these past few days. Not much venturing into the woods, so we have resorted to inside activities, like egg dyeing. We tried to marbleize our eggs but we were unsuccessful. Probably because we used brown eggs instead of white, but I am happy with the richness the brown eggs provided. I think we will try again with white eggs to see if it works better. Also, if you try this technique use a light colored dye as a base and a darker for the marble affect.

And we've also been having lots of yummy meals to supplement the cruddy weather. Who would've thought that eggless quiche could be so good.


Lindsay said...

The weather is crazy. Sun, rain, hail, and snow all in the same day here.

Love your pics, though.

Sunil Kumar Prasad said...

This is a nice recipe and I wanna have it right now.

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