Cinnamon Rolls

My husband has a serious sweet tooth, so this results in him making lots of yummy desserts. He made these for us last night, a classic favorite. Makes approximately 14-16 cinnamon rolls. 

Ingredients for cinnamon rolls:
put these ingredients in small bowl and let rise (about 10 min.)-
-a smidgen under a 1/2 cup warm water
-1 T. yeast
-2 tsp. sugar

in separate bowl mix-
-1/4 cup oil
-1/4 cup sugar
-2 eggs
-1 tsps. salt
-1/2 cup water
-3 cups flour

Add first bowl (with yeast) to mixture after third cup of flour. Knead in last two cups of flour by hand. Let raise one hour. Separate raised dough into two balls. Roll them out into rectangles, generously cover flattened dough in cinnamon and sugar. Bradin also spread Nutella on part of the dough (which was very tasty). Starting from a corner tightly roll the dough into a log. Then cut evenly sized pieces and place on greased baking sheet.

Preheat oven to 425 and bake for 7 min. or until golden brown. And lastly, top with frosting.

Frosting ingredients:
-2 to 3 T. butter
-1 cup powdered sugar
-splash of vanilla
add milk a couple drops at a time until it's the consistency desired.


camie said...

for the love! these stupid things have been haunting me since you posted them a week ago. i don't even like cinnamon rolls, but these look amazing. i think it is the nutella aspect. i will have to make them... mmmm...

melinda said...

oh man are they good, you'll love the nutella cams. by the way this is the family roll recipe (you probably already knew that).