Ginger fried rice

Kicking the weekend off right with this yummy rice. You really must try, can't tell you enough how good it is.

Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend.


blue moss said...

looks yummy....hope you had a good weekend...thanks for the head's up on the link to the clutch...it's from piperlime ...i fixed it in the post...

Susannah @ Art Nest said...

Your blog is the bees knees !!

Bridgette said...

I just thought you should know, I think you are an amazing artist. You have a real eye for beauty.

Fedulab said...

I wanna taste it
i love your blog

;) Fede

lovinglovely.blogspot.com said...

hello sweets!

This is so random, hehe, but I saw your comment [from 2010 haha] about wanting to buy some wooden cross stitch pendants from Make Something.

I actually make and sell such pendants :)

So if you never had the chance to purchase any from there, just let me know if you are still interested and I can supply you with some!

you can contact me at lovelovelyetsy@gmail.com

http://essaymojo.com/ said...

Wow! I love rise, however I lack new fresh recipes. Thank you for sharing the link, I will try this weekends!