We have replaced our usual oatmeal breakfast with this mornin' treat (this is just as healthy, right?). My husband makes them much better than I do so he has become the designated shake maker.

This is what we use:
--1 banana
--frozen peaches
--frozen raspberries } when fruit is frozen makes the shake nice and cold
--frozen strawberries
--or any fruit, really
--splash of soy milk - hubby likes orange juice too if you don't like soy
--organic yogurt of your liking

-once the market has huckleberries you can bet we'll be throwing those in the mix-


fresh365 said...

I just love shakes! Huckleberries sound fantastic!

Michael Farnworth said...

They do sound delicious and healthy... somehow much more inviting than the oatmeal... even though you know I love it!

Fine Little Day said...

Want to try that shake!