Normally when given a choice between pizza and a calzone I would choose pizza. But I really wanted to mix up our menu this week. I had forgotten how much I liked calzones, and these were especially good because I could decide all the yumminess going into them.
Stuffed in my calzone: zucchini, yellow squash, yellow pepper, mushrooms, olives and onions. And of course cheese and red sauce.
We are so lucky to have good bakeries here, so I picked up some pizza dough from our local place, Le Petit.
If you don't have a good bakery with tasty dough, this recipe looks good.

Once we rolled out the dough it went fast, and from start to finish it only took about 40 min. I did cook the veggies a bit before stuffing so they would be nice and tender, and so I could add some spices. Our calzones were cooked at 400 for 15-20 min.


fresh365 said...

You are making me so hungry! I will have to make a calzone this weekend now!

blue moss said...

Looks so yummy...have to have calzone now. :)