through the eye of a pinhole

I really want to make this pinhole camera,
so I can take pictures like the above one.

You can download your pinhole camera here.

via here


It's not just another word

Look closely at these words you see. If you can believe it they are crocheted out of cassette tape ribbons....amazing.

I first experienced Nicola Vruwink's work back in 2007 when she did an exhibition at the university here. I happened to stumble upon her art again and had to share, it's even more astounding in person.


couldn't have turned out better

A successful event dedicated to Bradin and Laura. Everything turned out beautiful, the venue, food, family, friends, and of course the actual reading from Bradin and Laura.

We thought we were going to have too much food (three tables full), but there was such a good turn out we ran out of everything.
Great job Bradin, you did so well reading your story. We are all so proud of you.

Laura reading her poetry (also very nicely done).

A surprise visit from my aunt in Colorado(right).
And cheers to good friends.
Thank you so much for everyone's help, it meant the world to us the support and love we got from everyone. It all turned out wonderfully and we had such a good time with you all.


an almost Mother's Day gift

It is going to be a very eventful weekend. My husband's thesis reading is on Saturday(yay!) and we are about to have a lot of company. I (not really knowing what I was getting into) volunteered to cook for this marvelous event. I have never cooked for this many people and am a little nervous it will go smoothly, but luckily I will have many family members near for aid in my little venture.

I am so grateful that some of our family can make it to this very important milestone in Bradin's life. I can't believe it's almost been three years since we moved to Missoula, even though the transition has not been easy, I am (finally) coming around and enjoying our remaining months here. So not only is this a Mother's Day post, but also a turning of a new leaf, Bradin's leaf...our leaf. Congratulations Bradin one hoop down only a few more to go.

Happy pre-Mother's Day Mom and Cindi! We are so glad you could come.

my inspiration for these found object trees....spotted right over here.
just a little sad they are going.


Stone, Paper, Ceramic

Inspired by landscape drawings, Yoran Morvant meticulously draws on stone creating fluid lines and movement.

Block print is used to record the history of this tree. Bryan Nash Gill carefully pressed the imprint on handcrafted washi paper.

Helen Beard hand paints birds and swimmers on porcelain. Her work is beautiful, brushstrokes light and airy.


all wrapped up

Present wrapping has become my new favorite thing. I enjoy it more than the actual gift giving, although I love that too.

To my friend April who is moving(boo).... glad we were able to develop such a good friendship with you and Clay.

And....thanks YellowGoat for featuring my wallet.



Early this week I had the pleasure of interviewing with Becky. Feeling pretty flattered by her request. I had no idea starting my etsy business would lead me this way and I hope that my business can continue to grow. Thank you Becky for this opportunity!

Come on over and read about me on her blog.



I can't believe this Japanese artist, Nendo. His 09 exhibition revealed the possibilities of synthetic fibre technology. The end results, chochin lanterns out of the blow-fabric, even better than glassblowing. The technique is marvelous.


Woolly Trees

Another wallet added to the shop. This particular one is printed on vintage wool poly blend. Seems fitting for the tree print.


Huevos rancheros

This has become our new favorite meal to eat for breakfast/brunch.
It's yummy and very easy to make. All you need is:


Tortillas and Black Beans. Check here for my favorite way to prepare.
and salsa

I start out with the beans so they can slow cook. Once they are finished I spread them on the toasted tortillas.

Then I cook salsa and eggs together, it makes the eggs delicious. I like my eggs over-easy but they can be cooked any way. I think the yolk makes the dish taste a little better. But hey, I understand if you don't like that yolk.

Once those eggs are finished to your liking, add them to the tortilla and beans.
I eat mine open-faced with a dollop of sour cream.

Hope you try this, it really is so...so good.


Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter Sunday.
If today brings beautiful weather I think a picnic is in store.

get your print here.



New cutie wallet just added.


If only there was more time in the day

Mimi Kirchner now has a tutorial on how to make these wonderful felt dolls.

I will be adding them to my list of many projects I would like to tackle.

Myoung Ho Lee, amazing photographer from Korea.
An interesting mix of the environment and reality.


A nice surprise

Yay! I was finally featured on the front page of etsy.

Sorry, not very good with the screen shot thing.... there was more to the page.


Birds of a feather.....

This one is my favorite thus far. I love it because of the color combo, and the vintage fabric it is lined with is another fave of mine.
I embroidered around all of the feathers to add some visual texture. Take a look here to see the latest.