an almost Mother's Day gift

It is going to be a very eventful weekend. My husband's thesis reading is on Saturday(yay!) and we are about to have a lot of company. I (not really knowing what I was getting into) volunteered to cook for this marvelous event. I have never cooked for this many people and am a little nervous it will go smoothly, but luckily I will have many family members near for aid in my little venture.

I am so grateful that some of our family can make it to this very important milestone in Bradin's life. I can't believe it's almost been three years since we moved to Missoula, even though the transition has not been easy, I am (finally) coming around and enjoying our remaining months here. So not only is this a Mother's Day post, but also a turning of a new leaf, Bradin's leaf...our leaf. Congratulations Bradin one hoop down only a few more to go.

Happy pre-Mother's Day Mom and Cindi! We are so glad you could come.

my inspiration for these found object trees....spotted right over here.
just a little sad they are going.


The Fab Miss B said...

Those turned out beautifully! Your Mom will love them!

blue moss said...

I LOVE these....what fabulous creations!
i've been painting some of the found objects in my jewelry..and this inspires me to do more :)
thanks for the info on the download-able mags...so exciting!!