Huevos rancheros

This has become our new favorite meal to eat for breakfast/brunch.
It's yummy and very easy to make. All you need is:


Tortillas and Black Beans. Check here for my favorite way to prepare.
and salsa

I start out with the beans so they can slow cook. Once they are finished I spread them on the toasted tortillas.

Then I cook salsa and eggs together, it makes the eggs delicious. I like my eggs over-easy but they can be cooked any way. I think the yolk makes the dish taste a little better. But hey, I understand if you don't like that yolk.

Once those eggs are finished to your liking, add them to the tortilla and beans.
I eat mine open-faced with a dollop of sour cream.

Hope you try this, it really is so...so good.


Michael Farnworth said...

I did try them and they are delicious... of course you and Brad made them for us but nevertheless... they were good and will look forward to having them again on another visit.

camie said...

oh man, they do look delicious, except i hate eggs...
but even the eggs look delicious... i might have to try.