Rachel Getting Married

I would highly recommend this movie, saw it a few days ago and can't stop thinking about it. Anne Hathaway was amazing, it was beautifully filmed, and the music very eclectic. Tunde Adebimpe, the actor that plays Rachel's fiance is from TV On The Radio too, crazy I know. Just loved this film, it's not a "feel good" movie, but it will surely stick with you.


Bradin said...

I think Anne deserves the Oscar for this, and I'm rooting for an upset over Winslet or Streep.

yes.have some said...

i've been really wanting to see this movie! and i've gotta before this weekend... right? it's this weekend? so many movies i need to watch. i like anne hathaway, she's cute!

melinda said...

i'm not sure, are you talking about when it leaves the theater? i believe it comes out on video soon, sometime in march. good stuff....very worthwhile.