My Super Bowl Sunday

Since football is not my forte and Bradin wanted to watch the game, we (April and I) opted to do this instead of watch the game. Do these cookies look oddly familiar? Kind of like a confection heart?


Jeffrey said...

WHAT does the orange one in the bottom picture say?

camie said...

jeffy, it says "if you want to" - get your mind out of the gutter... just kidding, i wouldn't even know what gutter it was in.
very cute! are they yummy? they had better be with all that work. conversation hearts have been a big disappointment lately, i can't even read what they say. yours are much better.

melinda said...

pretty yummy, i thought they would be a lot sweeter than they are(which is good) because the recipe is pretty much a frosting recipe with flour. and yes lots and lots of work, but we had a good time so it was worth it.