It's a ukulele miracle

For Christmas I got Bradin a ukulele kit, partially because normal ones are sort of expensive and I thought it would be a fun project to do. Well, knowing my husband I should have figured it would take awhile, so now, let's see, almost 10 months later, here it finally is. But in his defense it was rather complicated, the instructions were in broken English and all the parts did take awhile to dry, 10 months....not so sure.

So it's pretty exciting because now he can teach me this song, we just need a backup sax player....any takers? And I also like this song, I just think her voice is cute and I do love a good beard.


Jeffrey said...

Melinda, I will totally play the saxophone for you when you learn to play that song! I bet I can even make it all breathy-sounding too!

melinda said...

what?! i didn't know you played jeff. well, consider it a deal then.

Bridgette said...

That is a great song. I hadn't ever heard it before. Congrats to Brad on finishing his project!