Hatch that zombie if you can

With much prodding from my husband, I have made this zombie purse for Halloween. I can't take credit for the print this time, it is Bradin's creation, I am just the purse maker this time around. So I guess this is our first collaborative effort. The cross-hatched vintage fabric its printed on is one of my favorites. Any time I see fabric that resembles it I have to add it to my collection.

Plus, it is about time I add something to the etsy store, stock is getting a little low.


Jeffrey said...

AWESOME!!! Totally love it! Brad, I'm ticked we didn't get to make our shirts! Good team work guys!

fresh365 said...

This is so fun- great collaboration!

camie said...

ya brad- would be nice to have a shirt with a zombie on it.
love the purse!

bigBANG studio said...

OMG, and you live in MONTANA, too! I grew up on a farm in NJ but my wild great-aunt ran a horse and cattle outfit in Gallatin Gateway (btwn Big Sky and West Yellowstone, about an hour from Bozeman) and I spend many summers wrangling at their place. MT is where my soul is, even though I live in the desert now. I loved your blog as soon as I saw the banner you made but you've truly won my heart! xo!

melinda said...

we won't stay in mt permanently, just a stop for some schooling. but so far missoula has been pretty good to us.
i will miss the beauty scenery.

thanks for all your compliments.