Summer Dress

Recently I have been very interested in sewing clothes again, I have only dabbled in clothes making but have always wanted to pursue it more. Because of past frustrations I have abandoned many projects.

But then I found this cute dress pattern via the Selvedge Studio, they had it in their window and it was an inspiration to get back on the clothes sewing train. This pattern was so easy, I did alter quite a bit, and found when I made it the first time it was rather large. So I sized it down and left the sleeves drapey, because I don't like things too tight around my arms (makes me feel a little claustrophobic) and I really wanted to use the ultra soft jersey fabric on the top part of the dress.


Featured on The Storque

I was scrolling through the Etsy articles and to my surprise there was Branches on a Kiss Lock Frame Wallet. It's the guest curator of Ready Made Magazine, to boot. Very exciting!

Lighting with purpose....or should I say repurpose.

People are so inventive with their recycled goods. Here are just a few of my favorites.
egg carton lights - bottoms of plastic bottles
umbrellas - antique wine glasses
spray cans - wine bottles


Cooling off

It has been quite warm here lately and in order to keep cool we've been hanging out by the river. This is our favorite swimming hole, pretty secluded except when the rafters stop and eat their lunch. And yes, those are white sandy beaches you are looking at. In the mountains you say? Oh yes, and we love it.



I was asked by the Selvedge Studio to design a print for their t-shirts and such. My inspiration for this print was the Montana state bird.

Is anyone else excited to see this movie? Only in select cities, we shall if it makes it to mine....


All Ruffled Up

Another wildflower print, this particular flower we spotted when we were in Glacier. From the road it looked like a giant white flower, but up close had a much different look than expected. Small clusters of petals make up the Bear Grass wildflower.

Off the subject, I watched Then She Found Me last night and loved it. It is my movie of the month, everything you could want in a movie: funny, touching, and insightful. This is a must see, add it to your queue all you Netflix people, or if not just rent.


Focaccia Pesto Sandwich

In the summer I'm all about recipes that don't require heating up the oven or the stove. Sandwiches seem to be the best option for this.
I love pesto and everything else found in this sandwich, it's a fresh delight. I use pre-made pesto found at our local market. But this is an easy recipe if you are looking for something homemade.
Layered inside this focaccia sandwich is: pesto, fresh mixed greens, mozzarella balls, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and sprouts.


Happy 4th

Been doing a little traveling for the fourth: seeing family, going to watch a grand firework show, and eating some yummy sno cones. I thought this sno cone was very festive.

Hope your weekend is as fun as ours.

Next year I think I will attempt these.


Potato Printing

What a great idea to print on this dress. I love potato printing too, do you remember doing it with various vegetables when you were young? It's such a simple way to add some pizazz to a plain jane top or dress.
You can try it yourself, all the instructions are right over here.