All Ruffled Up

Another wildflower print, this particular flower we spotted when we were in Glacier. From the road it looked like a giant white flower, but up close had a much different look than expected. Small clusters of petals make up the Bear Grass wildflower.

Off the subject, I watched Then She Found Me last night and loved it. It is my movie of the month, everything you could want in a movie: funny, touching, and insightful. This is a must see, add it to your queue all you Netflix people, or if not just rent.


Jeffrey said...

Vera vera nice!

camie said...

oh melinda, i'm not going to lie, that movie looks perfect for the mood i'm in. we have 'the reader' here and i can't bring myself to want to watch it. too intense or something.
love the bag. the ruffle is lovely!

melinda said...

you will love the movie cams, i know what you mean about "the reader", it takes a certain mood. i still haven't watched it yet.