Current aFair

Out of the three years we have lived here not once have we been to the state fair. So, since this could be the last year spent in Missoula we had to check it out.

I'm not even going to mention the interesting foods we tried.


Paul Overton said...

Oh man, those are awesome pictures. They look like old kodachrome from the 70s. Fantastic!

hannah said...

what lovely pictures! i miss going to the fair in wisconsin. big cream puffs are the delicacy there. did you ride the ferris wheel?

melinda said...

nope, unfortunately not. hopefully next year though.

the hit of the fair here is big cheese logs.....hum...not sure who came up with that one. very interesting covered in pretzels and corn dog breading??

LornaSmithStudio said...

Love your photos of the fair and the ghost town looks amazing. Thought you might like this website:
Some ghost buildings etc in Asia...spooky!
Lorna x

melinda said...

love the link lorna.

and thanks for all the compliments everyone.