Feathered Headband Tutorial

The great thing about this project was, I had all of the materials lying around the house, and from start to finish it only took about an hour.
Material used:
-scrap leather (mine was 15x1 in.)
-thick elastic (at least 7-8 in depending on head size)
-a variety of feathers
-scrap felt (cut them into tear drop shapes)
-glue (I picked this up at my local craft store)
Cut your scrap leather to the size you would like (again, mine was 15x1 inches), then cut two tear-dropped shapes out of felt to sandwich between leather.
Line the two felt pieces up in between the leather and sew them together very close to the edge. (My felt pieces were closer to the bottom of the leather so my feathers would be more off-center.) Then take one end of elastic and sew it to the other edge of leather. Before you sew the other end of elastic measure on your head to see how tight you want the headband to be. After you have the desired length, sew other end to leather.
Before you glue on the feathers lay them out to get a general idea on how you want them placed.
Place glue on spine of feather and fill up the felt until you have desired fullness. The glue does dry very stiff so make sure you are not getting too much glue on the feathers.
To cover the ends of feathers cut out smaller tear-dropped shape, then sew it to the headband.
Here is the finished product, very easy and a fun accessory to add to your wardrobe.  


Jeffrey said...

Rock rock on!

Lindsay said...

Love it.

Rachel said...

great tutorial! it looks quite versatile.

Ma said...

Very nice !

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